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Try swapping out Calderon?

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  • Try swapping out Calderon?

    Here is one idea. Why not let Hedo play full time starting point forward, and have Jack or Wright start in place of Calderon? The objective is to lock down opposing point guards. Have Calderon come off the bench and tear up backup point guards.

    There is more than enough firepower on the floor with Hedo, Bosh and Bargs starting. Improving the defense at the one spot should hopefully be a substantial difference maker...means that Bosh and Bargs can get even more boards. Hedo I think is a lot more creative than Calderon, and will do a better job of running the offense (in particular, making sure that Bargs is fed.)

    And this has the nice effect of making making Hedo and Bargs less disinterested.

    The major downside is that it decreases Calderon's trade value (personally, I'd prefer trading him, but it is unclear if that is feasible..)

    Any thoughts?

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    I think the idea of bringing in Hedo was to have two strong ball handlers on the court at all times. This helps ball movement and opens up some extra shots. Its been working given the offensive production. The team is also playing ok when you stop and consider the difficult schedule. I think if you mess around with the offense by making Hedo quarterback for a large portion of the game you're messing around with the one area of the game that has kept the Raptors in games. The team is going to get better on defense through a team effort and there is no one on the bench who can waltz into that starting lineup and fix the defensive problems.


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      Ripp wrote: View Post
      The major downside is that it decreases Calderon's trade value (personally, I'd prefer trading him, but it is unclear if that is feasible..)

      Any thoughts?
      You pretty much summed it up there. Not that I think Colangelo is looking to deal Jose right now, but having a back-up PG who makes in upwards of $8 to $9 million per season isn't going to help his value nor his confidence.

      Jose needs to go to the basketball more often. Its proven to work in the past, but for some reason like so many other Raptors he's settling for jump shots instead. Yesterday, he had a multitude of opportunities to drive on Nash but decided otherwise. If there's a PG in this league who Jose stands to beat with the drive, its Nash. He needs to be more selfish at times.

      Hedo as the Point Forward sounds intriguing, but considering he's turned the ball over the most on this team and turnovers are one of the most significant reasons for this team's regression, giving Hedo more control on the court will only make us weaker in my opinion. JMO


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        I don't think Colangelo deals Calderon. I mean, who for? I do know its been rumored that the Spurs like Calderon...But you're not getting Tony Parker or Manu for him.


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          Nothing wrong with Jose or his contract.

          The coach on the other hand hasn't shown that he has a clue how to use the talent BC has put together.
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            I don't think you see much defensive improvement by switching out Jose for Jack ... Jose for Wright? Yeah, decent defensive improvement but you'd lose a lot more offensively than you'd add defensively (net negative).

            I don't like the idea of Hedo Turkoglu being solely responsible for running the offense out there. He needs some type of point guard next to him to share the duties.