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Start Amir Over Bargnani? Give Weems More Playing Time?

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  • Start Amir Over Bargnani? Give Weems More Playing Time?

    Hmmm .... interesting. Even Doug Smith thinks it might be time to consider taking Andrea out of the starting line-up and replaced with the energy and hustle of Amir Johnson. Is that still a little too drastic to do at the moment, or should it be something the team seriously considers right now?

    As well, Doug suggests that it might be time to see what Weems can do with more playing time. I have to say that coming into the season I thought Wright was going to be one of the biggest acquisitions we made during the off-season mostly because of what he brings on the defensive end. Well so far, Wright has been great disappointment both offensively and most surprisingly defensively too.

    So, if Jay isn't going to shake things up in the starting line-up, why not make some changes on the bench and give some of the young guys an opportunity to shine with the hopes that it ignites a little energy and hustle with the rest of the roster.


    How about this:

    Do you take a gamble and start Amir Johnson for Bargnani, knowing full well Johnson’s likely to get two fouls in three minutes and Bargnani would be back in there? It gives you a dose of energy and rebounding in the starting five, that’s for sure. Bargnani has never, ever, warmed to the idea of coming off the bench and he certainly hasn’t been the worst of the Raptors offenders this year.

    So perhaps that’s the move I make.

    And maybe it’s time to see what Sonny Weems can bring you – besides a penchant for shooting the ball every time he touches it – in Wright’s role. Can’t be worse.
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    If it gets to this - Trade Bosh or Bargs first.
    Bosh being the less risky move.

    But at this point, I'd be more comfortable moving the coach. It's Triano's job to make things work - if he can't the reasonable solution is to find someone who can.

    Sonny doesn't have DeRozan's skill set. If you want more minutes for an athlete - give them to DD.
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      I'd like to see more of Sonny Weems.

      I don't know what to make of him yet + the Raps backup wings are terrible anyway. Sonny has shown enough to be worthy of a chance (an extended run in the rotation with consistent minutes, say 10-15 minutes a game for 2-3 weeks).


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        For all the talk that the Raptors need more athleticism on the floor, they can potentially field a lineup of DD, Weems, Turkoglu or Belinelli, Johnson and Bosh or Bargnani.

        A motion offence run by Turkoglu featuring DD, Weems, Johnson and Bosh would be entertaining to watch, and couldn't be any more of a liability on defence or rebounding than any other lineup the Raps have fielded.

        DD and Weems both have the potential of being above-average rebounders at the wing spots and have chemistry together. I think the Raps strongest lineup, in time, will have them occupying the wing spots.

        Wright has only earned minutes thus far as a matchup defender against bigger wings.

        Regarding who starts and who comes off the bench, I figure that the sooner the Raptors transition Turkoglu to 6th man and secondary ballhandler, the better. He'd still get the same minutes and take more of a ballhandling role later in games, but it seems to take a quarter to a quarter and a half for the game to slow down to his speed. This will only worsen as he ages.