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Sam Smith Suggests Triano Could Be The Next Coaching Casualty

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  • Sam Smith Suggests Triano Could Be The Next Coaching Casualty

    Well, I don't think this falls entirely on Jay's shoulders should he be fired, but I wouldn't be surprised at the same time. I don't think changing the head coach is really going to affect this roster.

    What do you guys think?

    Oh, and Smith also goes on to discuss that the Suns should start inquiring about Bosh assuming things don't change here seeing how they aren't entirely sold on their future with Amare.

    Source - Click here

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    Bosh is not getting dealt this season. The Raptors have a strong hand in being able to offer close to $30M more than any other team. Chris Bosh is going to want to work with the Raptors either in finding a new home or making the current one a winner.


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      Sam Smith *may* be right, but he makes up a lot of .... BULL. Said Bosh would wear out by guarding big centres a # of games in a tight span last year - problem was Bargs was guarding them all those games. Also recently said that he was quite sure LeBron would play for the Lakers next year.


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        'Simple Sam' simply read BrotherSteve's comment in the "Triano: Bosh should confront his teamates" thread on this board and figured it would make for a good Monday morning controversy copy.

        Simple Sam.
        RR OG


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          We had little patience with Sam Mitchell? I recall giving the guy an extension.

          Seriously though, this article is trash. Pure opinion, no inside sources, no analysis of the Raptors financial situation, Triano's relationship with Colangelo, Team USA, his players.

          Just pure trash.