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ESPN Insider: Raptors looking to move up in draft

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    GameBreaker wrote: View Post
    but all of a sudden he's trade bait. THAT's the reason this franchise can't be taken seriously. The fans, alone, can't be satisfied, at all.
    The franchise can't be taken seriously because of it's fans? (because I haven't read anything about DD being used as bait from anyone except fans).. though I'm sure we don't help sometimes lol

    I do agree that most of us will never be satisfied.
    Two beer away from being two beers away.


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      DD will not be traded. The young talent on the raps will be around next season. We finally have players that have potential ie. amir, sonny and demar. I tihnk if the team puts faith in these players and they do succeed they will want to stick around and we will finally have players (others then euros) that want to play for toronto. They can make this their franchise if they put in the time and effort,