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    Kennay wrote: View Post
    So which part of that created the Raptors fan inside you?
    I explained that already when I first came on the forum but since you asked.

    I am a fan of Johnson and DeRozan because they are from So. CA.

    I also spent a good deal of time in Toronto when I was in college so I like the city though I am sure it has changed somewhat since back then.

    So technically I am not what one would call a Raptors fan.

    I am a Clippers fan and sort of a Lakers fan. I used to be more of a Lakers fan when Magic played for them and Chick Hearn did the simulcast. Hearn was the best ever when it came to announcing basketball. He was total entertainment and is actually credited with teaching the game to hundreds of thousands if not millions over two generations behind the microphone. In fact he has a plaque outside of Staples and a Lakers jersey with his name and a picture of a microphone on it hanging from the rafters in Staples along with Magic, Kareem, West, Baylor etc.

    I am also a Bruins fan because one of my degrees is from UCLA.

    Bottom line is that I am a So CA. Guy who likes basketball and tends to root for certain players that play or played basketball in So CA at either the high school, college or pro-level or any combination of the three.

    Also like I said I like Toronto. In fact when i got my Masters from SUNY at Buffalo I was thinking of becoming an expatriate Yank and moving to Toronto. I had cousins aunts and uncles living in Ontario back then. However, I moved to So. CA instead because my mother had moved here. I have lived here ever since except for short periods of living outside of North America.

    So there you have it.
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      Well that makes sense! lol!!
      We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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        Buddahfan wrote: View Post
        Maybe BC should call Griffin's agent and see if he will entertain the idea of talking to the Clippers about a Bosh for Griffin trade.
        I don't hate Bosh that much, even if he leaves. Turkoglu, on the other hand....
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          Actually, is there anyway to swap Turkoglu for Carter and then send Carter to the Clippers? The chance of Vince hurting himself every single game would pretty much be even money.
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