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Is Conditioning The Real Issue at Hand?

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  • Is Conditioning The Real Issue at Hand?

    I discussed this over at the blog today, but I wanted to get some opinions here too. I know people have complained about this team's lack of defensive ability & toughness for ages now, but who here thinks the conditioning of certain players is the real issue at hand and not entirely the other factors?

    I know to start the season Hedo had the injuries to deal with which obviously would affect his own stamina, but what's his issue now? As I mentioned today, he looks like he's smoked a carton of cigarettes on most nights and dragging arse. Same could be said for Jose and also Andrea some games. Is the issue the lack of conditioning and that Jay should be working these guys harder in practice, or are they being overworked and it's just a matter of moderating some of the starters minutes while dispersing more PT to some of the energy players off the bench? (i.e. Weems, Amir, Pops)


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    Just caught this blurb courtesy of Eric Koreen this afternoon where he discusses the Raptors 3rd quarter woes. Along the same lines as I mentioned with possible more substitutions off the bench during the 2nd half. He quotes a discussion Jack apparently had with Triano as a solution to this ever concerning problem:

    "Me and coach talked about it," guard Jarrett Jack said. "I think his patience is starting to wear thin with what's going on in the third quarter. It might be a quicker lineup change or a quicker insertion into the second half lineup or possibly even not starting the second half with the same starting unit that started the game. Whatever we have to do to get that one thing turned around, we need to go ahead and get it out of the way."
    Source - Click here


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      Umm...I complained about this in the Phoenix post-game, if the starters aren't cutting it, go with what's worked in the game - your bench. This is basketball, in the end it's a fairly simple game, you don't need to be a genius to figure this shit out.

      Triano sitting on his little bench looking pissed in the third quarter ain't doing shit for us, get off your ass and do some coaching! And what's with Jack and coach "talking about it". Just do it!