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Video of DeMar at the Drew League

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    Buddahfan wrote: View Post
    Some actually numbers on percentage of jump shots blocked this season

    D. Howard 13%
    Howard took jumpshots???


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      Marz wrote: View Post
      I'm not too impressed by his turn around J 'cause it doesn't look like he gets enough elevation to it - might be easily blocked in the NBA.
      He's definitely stepping far enough back to make up for it.

      Don't hate me because I'm an optimist.


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        Marz wrote: View Post
        Colangelo seemed to be very high on DeRozan in his exit interview.

        You know what's funny though? Vince Carter wanted to be traded and didn't want to wait for Bosh to develop (recall he wanted the #4 pick traded away to begin with). Now Bosh wants to leave and doesn't want to wait for DeRozan to develop. Assuming DeRozan turns into the star shooting guard that Bosh thinks a teams needs to win, I find this very ironic.
        If he had a Reke, Curry, or even Jennings sort of rookie year, it would be an easier sell I guess. Plus, it sorta doesn't seem bright to bank your future on an unproved rookie who lost his starting job to Sonny Weems. At least, it would be pretty illogical.

        Still, I hope that DeMar works very hard and comes back substantially better next year.


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          I loved what I saw from him with the Kobeseque turnaround jumper! I need to see him handle the ball better still. At 45secs he looks like he still needs to work on hs dribbling and ball handling.