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A Sleeper Point Guard

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  • A Sleeper Point Guard

    I think this is the player the raptors should sign.

    (Yes, its just because of the name)
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    Can somebody say hell no?
    We all make mistakes... Tanking is not the answer.. This squad can ball! Let it roll!!


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      It's too bad Pooh Richardson still doesn't play in the NBA. I'd love to have two Pooh's on my team.
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        Decent third string PG.

        Extremely hard worker (gym rat) who truly loves the game (enjoys playing ball, practicing, working, taking extra shots). A great teammate to have ... someone who lives and breathes basketball.

        Reminds me a lot of Mateen Cleaves in the way that he is not much of a player but a great practice guy who is well loved by his teammates and helps build team unity.


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          No, I heard he was shit.


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            Tim W. wrote: View Post
            It's too bad Pooh Richardson still doesn't play in the NBA. I'd love to have two Pooh's on my team.
            actually 3 cause pob's nickname is pooh on bricks

            hahahaha, this is complete nonsense. pooh.hahaha
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              Well maybe not sleeper but rather Sleepy
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              Memories some so sweet, indeed

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