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Rasho Isn't Happy & Considering Going Back Overseas

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    Raptor4Ever wrote: View Post
    Damn !!! What happened to this team last season ??!! It seems like no one was happy with this team . Whose fault was that ? GM, Coaches or ...
    Maybe the differences between the American and non-American players were bigger than we were led to believe?
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      Um, why are we freaking out about this?

      "Rasho Nesterovic isn't happy with his last season in the Toronto Raptors, and is considering whether to stay in the NBA or the go back to Europe after 11 seasons in the United States."

      1. What happened in his last season with the Raptors? For the first time since his rookie season, he played in less than 70 games. 42 to be exact. For the first time in his career, he averaged less than 15 minutes a game. Less than 10 to be exact. Not ragging on him, because he was perfectly professional during the season -- ready to contribute despite his sporadic playing time -- but I doubt he was actually 100% happy with his role on the team. He was signed when the Raptors only had Bosh, Bargnani, and Evans, and it could be said he was vying for #3 big, but by the end of the season, he was clearly the #5 big, behind both A.J. and Evans. If not for injuries to Bosh and Evans, he might as well have stayed home.

      2. If the line had said "Rasho Nesterovic isn't happy with his last season in the Toronto Raptors, and is considering whether to stay with the Raptors next season", it would have meant more, but still much ado about nothing. That is, unless people here think his unhappiness with the Raptors caused him to lose desire to stay in the NBA, in which case wow, I can't believe the Raptors have that kind of influence on a player. If anything, it sounds like he's wondering about his role in the NBA, given that he rarely got off the bench last season, and the team and city that he has acquired feelings for (he has or had a home in Toronto) has no plans on bringing him back. Perhaps people can keep that in mind before jumping to all these wild conclusions.


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        Because Rasho is a known around the league as a classy guy who doesn't complain. If he's complaining, you know something's wrong, and that's horrible for Toronto's image.


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          I would like to see Rasho move back to Europe. I don't think he is good enough anymore to play a substantial role in an NBA's team rotation but he could still be an important cog for a good European team. I'd rather see him over there playing regularly than sitting on the end of someone's bench.


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            In this regard, i don't think this is good publicity for the Raps. Rasho has always been one of a few players who loves Toronto, always raved about how he loves the city, the team, that he didn't want to leave in the first place, when he was a FA last year he publicly stated he wanted to come back here. And for him to leave and say what he's saying, it says alot.


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              Just so you know, I am not happy with Toronto, too. That's why I moved in Oakville.