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ESPN's Ford: Bosh is the Ideal Player to Pair With LeBron

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  • ESPN's Ford: Bosh is the Ideal Player to Pair With LeBron

    This from Chad Ford's ESPN chat this afternoon:

    how likely is it that LeBron goes to Chicago?! is Bosh a major factor?

    Chad Ford, I just wrote a story on this for No one knows where LeBron is going. But I've spoken with enough people who are close to the situation to believe that Chicago has a great shot ... maybe the best between NY, NJ and Miami. Bosh will be a factor everywhere because he's the ideal player to pair with Bron. But I think it's a bigger factor for NY than it is for Chicago given the Bulls already strong supporting cast. Check out the story for all of the details on the Bulls pitch to LeBron this summer.
    And more talk regarding Bosh:

    assuming Bosh has a max offer on the table in Toronto, do you honestly see him turning that down for a lesser deal elsewhere, like chicago or miami? its unprecedented! Does miami even have assets money-wise to pull off a sign and trade for someone like Bosh?

    Chad Ford, It's not unprecedented. And yes, I think it's the most likely scenario at this point that Bosh bolts. I think Miami has a great chance of re-signing Wade and the Cavs have a decent shot at re-signing LeBron. But Bosh leaving Toronto? I think most of the folks in the Raptors front office know by now that's the most likely scenario, that's why they've been exploring potential sign-and-trade scenarios for the past month. I think Bosh ends up in LA, Chicago or New York.
    if the lakers lose the finals do you think they will try to get bosh and trade away bynum??

    Chad Ford, I think lose, win, it won't matter -- if they can swap Bynum for Bosh, the Lakers would do it. The bigger question is whether that's where Bosh wants to land ... Of all the sign-and-trade scenarios out there, I think the Raptors prefer landing Bynum.
    Do you see Miami being able to lure Lebron James and Chris Bosh in free agency? In addition, if Miami does not land either LBJ or Bosh, does D Wade leave?

    Chad Ford, I wrote about this months ago as a slim possibility. I still believe its a possiblility -- but a very, very unlikely one. To make that happen the Heat would have to:

    1. Renounce all of their free agents except Wade. That means losing the bird rights to players like Udonis Haslem

    2. Move James Jones and Michael Beasley to teams with cap room to clear more cap space or use them in a sign-and-trade with Cleveland and/or Toronto

    3. Ask Wade, Bron and Bosh to take small paycuts to fit them all in.

    And after that the Heat would have to basically fill up the rest of the team with minimum veterans hurting their depth. I think it would be fun, but I think we all know it's pretty unlikely to happen.
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