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Andrea Will Never Be The Starting All-Star PF

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  • Andrea Will Never Be The Starting All-Star PF

    Unless that is, of course, hell freezes over and pigs fly(well swine flu last winter, so I guess it's just the first).

    Starters are voted in by fans to begin with, and with the young crop of bigs coming in this season it'll be that much tougher for the big lug. It also doesn't really seem to be in his makeup to become endearing to fans, let alone get a real endorsement deal. Ital Pasta doesn't count.

    For seconders, he doesn't come across as a guy that will step up big in the crunch and will his team to victory. I realize he hasn't had a real opportunity to prove this but his inconsistencies and lackadasical play especially when Bosh was out would lead you to believe he won't be able to do it.

    Thirdsies, I really hope I'm wrong. It ain't freakin' likely.

    Lastly, I'm just throwing out a semi-baseless post hoping to get a rise out of all you Andrea boosters.

    Yours Truly,
    Buck Foston
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