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THE RR 2010 NBA DRAFT PARTY! (Draft Party Review, Pg. 1)

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  • THE RR 2010 NBA DRAFT PARTY! (Draft Party Review, Pg. 1)

    Hey folks, we're going to be hosting our inaugural RR "NBA Draft Party" this year and all of you in the Republic are invited to attend and celebrate the selection of yet another Raptors lottery pick. (Would any of you have rather the Raps made the playoffs to watch the LBJ Cavs kick our injured Bosh-less ass harder then the Magic did to the Hawks in round two, thereby surrendering our pick to the Heat?!?!)

    Thanks to Hedo's veteran leadership and Triano's skillful coaching, the party will be taking place at our customary RR clubhouse, home to our Raptor Fan Friday game parties and the very best sports bar in all of Toronto: the famous SPORTS CENTRE CAFE located at 49 St. Clair West, 1 block West of Yonge.

    We'd like to announce that it'll be open bar and packed with A-list celebrities and dozens of Playboy bunnies and Penthouse Pets... but that'll all be in effect at Altraps' unofficial after-party at the Rail.

    In anticipatory preparation (LOL!), here's a quick look at our current Big Board:

    #1) EKPE UDOH - PF: 6-10, 240lbs, Age: 22 Baylor (Junior)

    Site Rank #14 #16 #8 #10

    Udoh really is the best player available, the best fit for the Raps without Bosh, and the most ready of the potential picks to come in and play/help/start now. If available at #13, easily the best choice. He could crack the rotation right away, might not have the greatest upside but has what the Raptors need right now – ability to crash the boards and play defence. A safe pick.

    #2) AVERY BRADLEY - SG: 6-3, 180lbs, Age: 19 Texas (Freshman)

    Site Rank #10 #14 #18 #26

    We know the Raps sent a scout last month to Vegas to watch him work out. We also know that following that meeting, not only the Raptors, but several teams (including Indiana who needs a pg) moved Bradley up in their rankings from the mid 20s to the mid-lottery. Not sure, like Udoh if he drops to 13, especially with teams like Detroit, Indy, and Memphis all drafting 5 up from the raps and all of whom would benefit immediately from adding a guard like Bradley. And just in case you needed a reminder: He was the best perimeter defender in the NCAA last year. He was rated higher than John Wall coming out of high school, and he was the top rated player in the country before going to Texas. He has a 6′7? wingspan, and he is an excellent scorer and a good mid-range shooter.

    #3) GORDON HAYWARD - SF: 6-8, 200lbs, Age: 20 Butler (Sophomore)

    Site Rank #18 #19 #19 #19

    If the Turkoglu rumours are true, and the Raps cannot address the SF position from either of the upcoming trades (ie/ Bosh, Turk, or Calderon) then look for the raps to aggressively pursue a guy like Hayward. Again, much like Udoh and Bradley, Hayward has been linked to several teams ranging from top 10 to mid 20s- but in the #13 range, he is the best available at his position. And don’t let his image fool you. He can score, defend, and is an excellent rebounder for his position. Hayward is the mini-Turk. He could be the guy that we hoped Turkoglu would be when we signed him. A crafty offensive player with improving vision.

    #4) PATRICK PATTERSON - PF: 6-8, 223lbs, Age: 21 Kentucky (Junior)

    Site Rank #22 #6 #11 #10

    If Udoh, Bradley, and Hayward are all off the board look for the raps to draft a guy like Patterson, who, Chris Denker called, the best fit for this team almost a month ago. A strong defensive game and an inch or two are what’s keeping Patterson from shooting up the charts. The hard work and grit he’s shown scouts has gone some ways in repairing his reputation as a mediocre defender. He’s shown a real ability to knock down the mid-range jumper which will complement his back-to-the-basket game very well. The only real issue is where you play him? At 6′8? he is probably too small to play the 4, but too slow to play the 3. However, knowing Patterson’s personality, he won’t be afraid to work hard to find an answer to this dilemma.

    #5) PAUL GEORGE - SF: 6-9, 214lbs, Age: 20 Fresno St. (Sophomore)

    Site Rank #16 #12 #15 #20

    George is the latest addition of players to the big board that address the Raptors lack of toughness and athleticism on the defensive end (especially at the wing positions). The knock on George is that he played at a small school and therefore didn’t put up his numbers against top notch competition. However, here is what we know for certain. He is long, athletic, can rebound, attack the rim, shoot the NBA 3, and defend both the 2 guard and small forward positions. If Turkoglu is on his way out, Hayward is already gone, and the Raps don’t have confidence in Patterson’s ability to play the 3, George is the next best SF available in the draft.

    Who do you think we'll select with the 13th pick in the draft?
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    For those who cant be there...

    DONT miss this party!!!

    But in case you can't be there, don't forget that we will be live bloggin' the draft here at and I will be tweeting after each and every pick:

    hit me in my inbox: and don't forget to check out my weekly Wednesday Podcast: [I]The Doctor is In[I] right here at


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      So wait.. about the open bar..
      your pal,


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        Excellent idea! I wish I could go to this...


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          Draft Party Ideas

          Since this is our first ever RR Draft Party, we would appreciate any and all ideas you have to help make this event as fun/entertaining as possible.
          • An idea we already have and will be doing is a "First Round Draft Pool": Whoever has the most correct picks wins. Participants will provide their picks during the 5 min between Stern's official selection announcements.

          Now... Should we "increased the excitement" by addding a cash element to the pool (ex. $10 buy-in; Winner take all)?

          Again, any and all ideas are welcomed.
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            Hey everyone, please note that we've changed to start-time for the Draft Party to 6:30pm to include the Draft Preview portion of the event.

            We also want to report that we've formally invited the one and only STEPHEN A. SMITH to attend as our speical celebrity guest! At this time, SAS has not declined our invitation.

            We'll provide further updates in the coming days. Stay tuned.
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              Everything's set for tonight's party. BOH!
              RR OG


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                Dozens of fabulous prizes will be given away at tonight's draft party!
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                  The first 20 people will receive a copy of the official RR 2010 Draft Party Player Program!
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                    Draft Party Review

                    From the Player Programs, to the Lottery Draft Selection Pool (won by James with 8/14 correct picks), to the dozens of wicked prizes given away for every correct selection to every single person at the party thereafter... to the countless pitchers of beer, the heaping plates of wings and the ultra-beautiful, smokin' hot servers... last night's inaugural RR NBA Draft Party was a slammin' success by every account!

                    Thanks to all of you who made it out.

                    We also want to thank Dino and everyone at the Sports Centre Cafe for their continued support of our RR events!

                    By the end of the night, we witnessed the beginning of a new era for our beloved Raptors. With the selection of Ed Davis and the acquisition of Solomon Alabi, there's no doubt that our franchise had an exciting and successful draft. Hopefully this success carries and continues all summer long.

                    (Note: We also want to apologize to Colin (who came out with John and Wes) for taking an extended smoke break at the end of Round 1. Colin, since you left before we could give your RR 'Lower Bowl Sucks!' t-shirt prize, send me a PM so we can get you your shirt. Cheers!)
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                      This was a great night, very well done.