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Chandler sign and trade to T.O?

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  • Chandler sign and trade to T.O?

    Do you think its possible? What could Charlotte ask for him?

    How about Calderon straight up for Chandler? Or Calderon + Evans (expiring) for Chandler + Diop (has a contract increasing to 7 mil in 2012/13).

    I think he`d be the perfect center to put beside AB. Perhaps even Diop could contribute (then we don`t have to resign Amir Johnson). In the draft, we could target a good SF or rotation PF and our team would be o.k for next season.
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    Well, maybe they would consider Hedo? Hard to say. I think it's most likely that he lands on a team that loses out on most of the big names.


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      I liked the trade, Bobcats could be in the market for a point guard this summer pending on what Ray Felton get up to. They could use the outside shooting that is one of Calderon's strength, just not sure if he's a Larry Brown type player, Calderon might not be a good enough defensive player to warrant Brown's fancy. But offensively, he makes the right play, get the ball to the right person and does it with above-average assist-to-turnover ratio, plus he can shoot. It makes sense on the Bobcats end, plus without Chandler, they still have tons of center anyway.

      The Raptos could certainly use the length and defense plus experience brought in by chandler. He excel in rebounding where the raps are lacking, block shot. Not only that, he's a mobile big man that could be paired up well with our other mobile big in Barg, both 7 footer "could" cover a lot of ground defensively, which would help the raptors. one of the most intriguing and popular idea of a Bosh S&T target was Joakim Noah, because he too is a mobile big man, who rebounds and does all the dirty work, I think Chandler does all that as well, but he scores less than Noah, and has less of that edge. but I will happily "settle" for Chandler.


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        I'd love to trade for Chandler but he has several health issues that scare me off. He's probably just as bad as Bynum in that department.

        Anyway, I doubt Charlotte would want Hedo because Wallace is always unhappy when he has to play the 4, and because Hedo's contract is too big. Jose on the other hand would fit their needs perfectly and is much more offensive-minded, something they struggled with last season. But if we have to take Diop back, I'm not too sure. And Diop cannot replace Amir, he's not talented enough.