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Draft Express: Trade Going Down Today or Tuesday

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    I have talked with a reliable source in a Raptors organisation called "FAT MAN" that said the big news was that Pizza Pizza lease is about to expire and they are thinking of switching it to Pizza Hut instead.

    The deal was supposed to occur on monday but because of team Italy playing that day the "FAT MAN" decided to take the day off and watch the game all while eating a big calzone and meatball pasta.

    Stay Tuned.


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      ahh. the good old italian spaghetti and meatballs and then he went to go wack some guys.

      this is prolly how it went down

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        Multipaul wrote: View Post
        I thought the fallout with Dalembert culminated in Europe, when Leo sent him packing? No?
        Sorry to take so long to respond. I'm not sure when things formally "went down," but it was clear in Hamilton during their two exhibition games that summer. In the first game, Dalembert played well enough (though he didn't stand out in particular, despite his credentials). In the second game, he was absent from the warmup, appeared on the court just in time for tipoff, then was missing from the gym again for the entirety of the second half. All the while, there was clear tension in the room, and both Leo and Sam looked pretty cranky, despite the generally dominant play by the team up to that point.