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Solomon Alabi (Update: Traded to Toronto - Pg. 2)

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    dropped in draft due to medical condition


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      jbml wrote: View Post

      dropped in draft due to medical condition
      Thanks jbml and welcome to the forum.

      Alabi was a steal, but the rare medical condition which they didn't talk about kind of concerns me.


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        I wouldn't be concerned. DeJuan Blair's stock plummeted due to having bad knees, and he worked out fine in one season. This is the 50th pick of the draft guys! We picked up Hasheem Thabeet 2.0 outside of the lottery and well into the late second round.


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          As the article said...

          "A lot of people, including myself, thought he'd be a first-rounder, so this is a good pick by Dallas," said ESPN analyst Jay Bilas, who listed Alabi as the 20th best prospect in the draft. "He can run, he can block shots and his ability to step away to knock down a shot is impressive. He's got the tools to be a good NBA player."
          FSU's coaches remain convinced Alabi will be a far better pro player than he was in college.
          "I still believe his best basketball is still in front of him," Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said, noting that the Nigeria native got a late start in basketball. "As he gets bigger and stronger, he'll be more productive on offense."

          This guy was supposed to go in the mid 20s and the Raps have a good book on him (our African scout "discovered" him). Pity about his ailment...hope he can get medicated well.

          Remember people, you cannot teach size and agility. He started playing late (on gravel grounds) and a great team/character individual. Taking a flyer on him at that draft pos. is a no brainer.


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            Buddahfan wrote: View Post
            Davis is maybe a weak rotation player at this point.
            Come on man. The guy has a great IQ and plays strong, hard working defense. He doesn't need to score to make an impact. The Raptors desperately need that and he's going to get PT. Book it. Johnson may not be in the cards anymore.


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              I am expecting Ed Davis to be closer to the league average defensively in his rookie year. I think his defensive talent is more potential than current ability.

              The rebounding should be very good + his offense should very efficient as a complementary piece. Add mediocre defense on top of that and you have a good rotation player.

              I would happy enough to see Ed Davis start and get 30 minutes a night.


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                1. Hepatitis B crashed his draft stock. He's gonna be OK though. RT @introcollapse: Is this medical issue with Alabi going to stay under wraps.
                According to Draft Express Alabi has Hepatitis B which it totally treatable. So I don't think he was a risk at all. Certainly a stead for us.

                Source - Click here


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                  I merged the trade thread with a prior thread that had an article on his background.

                  Also, some information:

                  Source: Medline Plus


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                    Apollo wrote: View Post
                    Come on man. The guy has a great IQ and plays strong, hard working defense. He doesn't need to score to make an impact. The Raptors desperately need that and he's going to get PT. Book it. Johnson may not be in the cards anymore.
                    I knew that would rattle your chain.

                    Since I really didn't want to say anything more about that double three guy with the 14% body fat I thought I could have some fun with that comment. I guess I should have put a after it.

                    Actually, I like Davis game and do think that the Raptors got a young athletic big with very good potential when they drafted him
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                      If he meet's his worst case scenario of a better version of Udonis Haslem then the pick is a home run. If he meets his best case scenario of Al Horford then the pick is a three run homer to left field:


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                        Nick wrote: View Post
                        Sounds allot like Thabeet, without the decorated resume. If he's around take him for sure.
                        Lets hope he's not like Thabeet ok guys.


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                          Alabi is less athletic than Thabeet (less quickness, less agility, less explosive athleticism) + consequently not as gifted a team defender as Thabeet is + a vastly inferior rebounder in comparison to Thabeet + not as dangerous a weapon in pick and roll and transition situations.

                          He is a far more one dimensional player than Thabeet is.


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                            No need to compare a #2 draft pick to a #20 talent, much less a 2nd round draft pick.

                            This is probably BC's best 2nd round draft pick; Alabi has much more potential than any of the Jawai, Tucker, Printzesis guys before him.


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                              gonna be better than pob.
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