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Would It Be Smart to Pass Up on Xavier Henry?

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  • Would It Be Smart to Pass Up on Xavier Henry?

    I saw his interview with raptors, seems like a good kid, games reminds me of
    b-roy, so i ask if he were still available at 13, would you take him

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    Well, of guys who may slip out of the top ten he's the only one I've heard in the same sentence as "can't miss".


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      hmm i havent really heard of him as a "cant miss" player
      but i really do like teh guy
      he handles himself really well in interviews and he has solid numbers from Kansas
      If we were to draft him i wouldnt mind, and having him and Derozan would be a nice young set of wings


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        big big fan....

        Should be a good player...George has more upside but more bust potential....

        Xavier has a very little bust potential IMO

        He sounds like a great kid too....If Raps get him they will be very very happy again in my opinion!!


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          A bit of redundancy I think with DD and Weems around. He might actually be the better of the three but if DD is moved draft day ....

          If the Raptors pick him I can see Stephen A Smith go..."Now what the hell are the Raptors doing etc etc". Remembering his rant when Charlie V was picked and he went bananas because Bosh was ready to break out at the time.


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            Xavier Henry sounds a lot like Brandon Roy except he can't dribble the ball + can't pass the ball + can't create his own shot.

            Unfortunately, Henry is more Brandon Rush than Brandon Roy.


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              If you draft Henry what do you do with DD? Can either of them play the 3 consistently? I believe the answer is no.