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Bosh on ESPN - June 16

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  • Bosh on ESPN - June 16

    Not sure if this was already posted, in any case, here's a radio interview by ESPN with Chris Bosh on the Lakers and Free Agency.

    Nothing really new, almost same as what he said during the post season presscon the raptors had.

    Just funny hearing him point out "its about me" and how the raptors has its advantages while other teams have their own advantages on signing him as well, meaning the Raps are pretty much equal with other teams. I think he really loves the fact that people are ALWAYS talking about where he's potentially going (even mentions the kids at camp are also asking him where he's going, instead of pointing the basketball stuff that he's teaching the kids). And he never did indicate that Toronto had the biggest advantage among the other teams of signing him.

    Oh well.
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    Dude is so hungry for attention, wants to be one of the cool kids.


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      I guess now he wants to be his own man, hehehe,249456


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        LOL, Bosh in NY until he does his 2nd half of the season disappearing act, the MSG crowd would make him fold in the fetal position on the court. He didn't like it when the ACC crowd booed the team off the court?? what does he think NY fans are gonna do?