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Bosh Definitely Considering the Knicks

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  • Bosh Definitely Considering the Knicks

    And that's with or without LeBron.

    This is via the New York Post:

    Source - Click here

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    I wonder where the incisive questions, "Chris, given that your stated position is you want to go to a team who has a good chance at winning a championship, why would you "consider" the New York Knicks with their current roster?"


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      It sounds like he wants to savor his time in the limelight and keep the whole league on edge as long as possible


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        exactly. i think he needs to fire his PR guy or publicist or whoever he's paying to make his statements "politically correct". he's been all over the place with his statements. he doesnt want to be an addition and want to be the #1 guy, but then he also says at the end of the day winning is the most important thing, and now he's saying he's considering the knicks which is contradictory to all his statements because if he ends up with the knicks and lebron is there too or joe johnson or wade, he wont be the #1 guy, if he's the only one there, theyre not gonna win.

        im confused.


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          At the end of the season i was really upset at the idea of the Raps losing Bosh, but now i think i'd be really upset if they ended up keeping him. Take what you can get for him and Turkoglu and start fresh next season


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            I still think he's coming back. It just makes the most sense.
            "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."