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ESPN Reporting The Cavs Have Contacted the Raptors

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  • ESPN Reporting The Cavs Have Contacted the Raptors

    This was caught by a RealGM member that saw this via "The Score" sports ticker:

    ESPN is reporting the Cavs have contacted the Raptors about Chris Bosh. In this scenario, it would appear they are trying to bring CB4 in to play alongside LBJ.

    It has also been reported that the Raptors will try and slide Jose into any S&T package they make with CB4. If you are Bryan Colangelo, and you're looking at the Cavs as a potential suitor.... who are you wanting in return and why?

    Also, do you think this has anything to do with the Cavs trying to buy another pick? They would send the pick to Toronto in this deal for CB4/Jose.

    I'm not expert on exact salaries or whatever - so I ask those who know, what would the Raptors expect in return?
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    Cleveland's over the cap and has very few assets. Any trade involving them would have to see either Jamison (2 years, 28 million) or Varejao on the way back (4 years, 42 million), unless you want a 4th point guard in Mo Williams or some form of a 6 for 1 deal.

    Assuming we choose to go for Jamison, because no way Varejao is worth that contract, then you can do Bosh for Jamison+Hickson+Gibson. You could add the Jose for Mo Williams swap in there if you want.

    If you're looking to dump Jose's contract and not take Mo Williams back:

    Chris Bosh + Jose for Jamison, Gibson, Hickson, and Delonte West.

    West's contract is only partially guaranteed for 500,000 if you waive him before August.

    PG: Jarret Jack/Gibson/Banks
    SG: DeRozan/Belinelli
    SF: Hedo/Weems
    PF: Jamison/Hickson/Reggie Evans
    C: Bargnani

    +13th pick
    +Re-sign Amir Johnson
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      i don't know. guys who enjoy matchiung salaries and that crap get busy.
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        What on earth would Cleveland be able to send back that the Raptors would want, outside of Varejao and Hickson? Certainly not Antawn Jamison or Mo Williams. This makes no sense.
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          Well, I think the Cavs would like to ship West this way. Count him in. JJ Hickson would be a must have if I'm Colangelo. Then they're going to have to take Jameson or Varejao or Mo Williams. Personally, I feel if the Raptors are ok with overpaying Varejao then he's the guy as he would improve the defense and toughness. Jameson is getting old, he's not part of the future for a rebuild project. Maybe Mo Williams. At the end of the day the Cavs don't have what the Raptors need.


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            Cleveland doesn't have anything that the Raptors would want except Lebron, Varejao and Hickson
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              Exactly what Marz said.


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                The ONLY reason I can see taking Jamison and his contract is to trade him to another team. Keep in mind, though, that Washington only got an expiring contract for him. After these playoffs, would the Raptors even get that? I think I'd rather let Bosh walk for nothing than tale back Jamison and his contract.
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                  Screw the Cavs.

                  They will rape us in this sign and trade and also rape us all season long.


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                    Bad deal.


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                      Those are some overrated players and bad contracts coming back, with the exception of Hickson I suppose. Only way there is any chance of Bosh going to Cleveland is if it's a mult-team deal or he simply walks. I would love to see Bosh dealt to Cleveland only to have LBJ leave town! haha


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                        has this what it has come to? Pathetic.


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                          horrible deal


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                            The key part of this rumor is "The Cavs Have Contacted the Raptors". Unless the Cavs are willing to give up Varejao AND Hickson (which I doubt they are), I just don't see it happening.


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                              I think they would be willing to give up almost anything to make Lebron come back, and that would involve bringing in another all star. AKA Bosh.