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Things Are Stirring in Raptorland

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  • Things Are Stirring in Raptorland

    This according to Raptorspace's Kat.

    Don't know how much of a insider presence she is, but I'm sure she knows some people considering she works for the Raptors organization.

    Wow, things are stirring in Raptorland .. It's going to be a big week! #Raptors #hearditthroughthegrapevine about 2 hours ago via web
    Source - Click here

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    things have been stirring ever since the end of the season and nothing exciting has happened. so, tell us somethign is going to happen for sure or shutup.
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      Kat heard that from Doug Smith who heard it from......................................

      Take twitter away from the twits


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        Please man talk about stating the obvious, with the upcoming draft, the impeding exit of Chris Bosh with a potential sign&trade, Amir Johnson free agency and Turkoglu trade request its obvious that something big will happen.


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          I don't have twitter, what is the jist of this bombshells tweet?


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            I should hope that shits stirring in raptor land.


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              I don't accept hearsay from the 'captain' of the dance pack.

              I wouldn't accept headsay from her, either.


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                Whether it's a Raptors dancer or Chad Ford, it doesn't matter. I bet they're batting the same in terms of "rumors" turning true. Most the stuff we talk about in here can't be backed by a credible, identified source. Sadly, she's as valid as most...


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                  From jaysatur's (Jay Satur - Online Content Producer For twitter:

                  Tomorrow shaping up to be an interesting day at ACC with Colangelo addressing media plus Aldrich, Ebanks back in for second look. #raptors
                  There is your credible, identifiable source. And I mean BC.
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