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Sam Smith Likes a West & Collison for Bosh Deal

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    Well, I didn't really have any credibility, so I don't know what you're talking about.

    It's completely unreasonable to argue that Collison could not be better than Paul, especially without an argument. I'm not denying Paul's ability. I think he's probably one of the best point guards in the league -- if not THE best (especially statistically).

    My point was that someone three years younger joined his team and averaged 19 ppg, 8.6 apg, 3.3 rpg, 1.5 stl in the last 35 games of the season, shooting close to 50%FG and 40% 3P, WITHOUT Chris Paul.

    You're telling me that a franchise in shambles, economically and personnel-wise, is going to want to hang onto Chris Paul who sat out half the season and made over $13m when Darren Collison averaged practically the same numbers as him (IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR) after getting the chance to play, all for $12m/yr less?

    How long is Paul under contract, what's his relationship with ownership like, does he enjoy playing on this team in its current state? What does he think about the new coach? How would new ownership perceive his salary in comparison to that of a rookie putting up similar numbers?

    ...and I wasn't arguing that he WOULD be... I was arguing he COULD be better than Chris Paul.

    If you disagree, disagree with reason. Don't try and throw away what I was saying by attacking my supposed lack of credibility.
    It's about money


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      What was the record of the team with Paul as the starter and with Collison as the starter? I think the answer says a lot about who should end up being the best PG.
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        11-24 in the time period I was quoting.

        BUT, it's not as easy as what you are suggesting. David West put up some of his best numbers of the season, Peja Stojakovic as well (although he missed most of March and all of April.

        Not to mention SKETCHY minutes and marginal play (at best) from Okafor during those 35 games didn't help... not that he ever really found a rhythm with the Hornets last year.

        I also disagree that this has anything to do with who should end up being the best PG. Only time will tell. Do I hedge bets on Collison? No. You would be misreading everything I have written to assume that. Would it make sense if the NOH traded Paul and kept Collison? Yes.
        It's about money


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          No interest in David West. He has stopped competing defensively + on the backboards and was always a mediocre efficiency scorer. Not a good player anymore.