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Possible Draft Day Trade With Blazers Involving 13th Pick

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    Tim W. wrote: View Post
    I do think the number of people that are whining about the Raptors possibly getting another European player is embarrassing. It's funny, though, back when the team had mostly black American players and the team was doing even worse, no one seemed to complain that there were too many black American players.
    Yeah the 2002-2003 team was pretty pitiful. We had so many popular Raptors on that team too - Carter, MoPete, Davis, Alvin, JYD, even Rafer. Not a single European on that team back then. Also had a real coach, who had the most wins of all coaches at that time (also a ton of losses, but that's another issue). Guess when you suck, you just suck, regardless of race, nationality or creed.