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Did Bosh Just Trash Triano on ESPN Radio?

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    Buddahfan, with all due respect, you are the king of jumping to conclusions. This reminds me of conversations I sometimes have with my wife, where she calls me and reads me an email a co-worker or boss sent her, inferring all sorts of things about it. 9 times out of 10, she is simply reading things into the email that were not intended.

    ALL players want to play for a proven coach. You think he's going to say he'd like to play for a nice, new coach?

    It's one thing that bothers me about todays internet-centric society. Someone says something and people dissect the quote far more than the speaker meant. People say stuff. Sometimes they mean it, other times they don't.

    To read more into Bosh's statement than he, and all other players, prefer to play for a coach who knows what he is doing is an exercise in futility.
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