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Will The Raptors Be Stuck Taking Beasley in A Bosh S&T

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  • Will The Raptors Be Stuck Taking Beasley in A Bosh S&T

    If Bosh wants to play for the Heat and tells BC that he will walk unless BC does a S&T the Raptors might be stuck having to take Beasley. The Heat having been trying to give Beasley away and no team wants him. I wonder why

    Wojo at Yahoo just tweeted
    For everything the Heat's tried to simply give him away, there isn't one team yet willing to take Michael Beasley into cap space. 4 minutes ago via web
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    i don't think it can hurt but let bosh walk if he doesn't want to stay. never mind s&t's or we'll never have cap space.
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      That is what it seems like.
      they traded away Cook, they are trying to buy out Jones and ...

      So what will be left is Beasly. Now, I know he makes something arounf 5 Mill , do we get a trade exception if we trade for him and how much that would be and how can it be used ?


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        Can we just dump calderon or turkoglu with Bosh S &T to Miami for beasley and future picks? Id do that just to get rid of salary even though I think the team would be better by trading bargs before trading calderon.


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          Toronto can just take the trade exception if they want. That might be more desirable than taking Beasley, at this point.
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            I would love to take Beasley, Mr. Be Easy ! He's a scoring big man with not so desirable defense (No Barg, we're not talking about you...yet) The kids got skills and the athleticism to match, watch one of his hightlight reels ands you'll see. If Bosh is gone, and you are left with Barg and the choice to take Beasley, who would you rather have?
            I think Beasley can be a consistent scorer causes he's a born scorer, he can score down low or take it to the perimeter, and he's the type of scorer that doesn't need to be set up by his teammate. And Barg on the other hand is billed as a scoring big man, he hasn't shown that he can consistently create his own offense.
            If Bosh leaves in a s&t and Beasley come back, I would be happy we got a player who's got skills, talent, and cheap contract, what's there to be complained about ?