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Too many europeans on this team ?

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    barkingclam wrote: View Post
    You sound like Jimmy the Greek.
    That extra muscle which AAs have in the quad area has everything to do with why they cant be in sports management

    ...Al Campanis


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      dagon420 wrote: View Post
      The evidence is staring you in the face. The proportion is black to white players in the NBA is probably something like 60-40; yet who is the most athletic white player in the game? Chris Anderson? Now look at the top tier white players. Nowitzki, Nash, Gasol, Kaman, AB, JC, Turk, Lee.

      How many of those are good defensive players? How many are serious athletes?

      Who was the last white winner of a dunk contest? Brent Barry?
      Here's another when was the last time a Euro/N.America White player led the league in Rebounding or Blocks ?? Anyone anyone?
      AK-47 was leading in blocks in 04 other than that nobody else.
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      "Hello, Hello !.....You Play to Win the GAME!!"

      Herm Edwards


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