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Can the PG Situation Wait Until Next Year?

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  • Can the PG Situation Wait Until Next Year?

    i know we are in urgent need of a floor general right now. someone who can break down the defence with his quicks as well as make plays under pressure situation-actually what damn team doesn't need that these days-however there are some pretty talented and unique guards with "franchise" potential available next year(ie kyrie irving and brandon knight) that werent exactly accessable to us this year (sorry bradley/bledsoe/johnson but you are nowhere near walls class)..........basically, do we try to deal with the situation now by trying to deal for a talented pg now (ie collison maybe) and getting rid of either calderone/jack or do we try our luck and hope we obtain another high pick and select a young pg then?.........thoughts

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    I don't think it's that urgent, but that's just me.

    If there's a good deal to be made, you don't wait, but rushing to trade away one or both of our current PGs is kind of pointless. If Bosh isn't staying and we decide to go into official rebuild mode, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea if we kept Calderon (again, unless the right deal came along) and go with Banks as our backup guard (Bradley without the upside). Banks can provide the defense when we need it; Calderon is a better floor general than Jack. Jack's reasonable deal also makes him easier to trade to a contending team in need of a good backup PG or a cash-strapped team in need of a cheap starting PG. If we can get good defense out of the other 4 spots, Calderon won't be as big a defensive liability -- at least no bigger than all the poor defense PGs in the league today.


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      I think it is completely dependent on Bosh staying or going. If Bosh stays, then we don't have to upgrade immediately because we'll have a 5 year, give or take, window to use him at a high level and there will be time later. That said, getting one asap would be good and definitely in the next two seasons, but wait until the right one comes available. If he leaves, I think you have to move the point guards out right away in order to start the true rebuild of this team and let the future Raptors start playing together and developing. This is, to me, the priority position we should be looking to upgrade since the importance of having a good point as increased of late.
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