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Bosh Refusing to Talk to the Raptors?

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    Arsenalist wrote: View Post
    One of the worst parts about this whole Bosh thing is that Toronto's image is taking a beating. Every article (sourced or not) basically has a line in there saying what a crappy situation the Raptors really are, failing to realize that Chris Bosh was the focal point for the last four years of that crappy situation.
    That just builds on all those G20 thugs that the Mayor let into the city. Bad news bears all the way around.
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    Memories some so sweet, indeed

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      Hate to say it, but Vince was #1, as much as i hate him

      Bargnani will go down as the best though, just watch.


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        mo-sales wrote: View Post
        I used to think there was no way he would ever turn down that extra year and accompanying 30 million for the super max, but it is looking more and more like Bosh and Bron might just walk to either Chicago, New York or Miami.

        The fact that people still think he might come back is pretty insane, getting back anything at this point has to be considered a viable alternative. Bron seems to be the one making the decisions for everybody and if he tells Bosh to abandon the S&T I gotta believe Bosh will obediently tow the line. Having said that, of all the stars who might leave Bosh's departure has been accepted for the longest time and thus there would be the least animosity between the breakup of star and organization.

        I personally have no anger towards Bosh, I think he handled this situation poorly, but the next 72 hours will dictate his raptor legacy as villian or super villian.
        Not quite. What teams can sign two FAs to max contracts without resorting to S&Ts? If Bosh wants to follow LeBron or Wade, the team is obviously going to sign one of those two first before worrying about Bosh. So if Bosh still wants the max, he may have to work with the Raps to engineer a S&T.