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Kobe Calls Bargs & Marco Special

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    Arsenalist wrote: View Post
    Half the NBA "spent some their childhood" in the hood playing ball on a basket without a net, that doesn't mean they want to go back to it. I hear what you're saying, but I don't see Kobe feeling satisfied with playing inferior competition. Maybe he'll own a team and screw around in practice with them, but seeing him playing the EuroLeague schedule at 45 is a stretch.
    Well actually some players do play in summer leagues and basketball camps (remember Lebron getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford?) and some play in streetball leagues (Rucker Park, etc.).

    I'm not saying he is 100% for sure going to play in Europe but I'm just saying it's not such a big stretch to say he will. And when he does go I think it will be when he's not one of the Top 5 or 10 players in the NBA anymore.


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      rdiaz101 wrote: View Post
      Its all in Italian but they ask him what he thinks of the italian players

      Reporter asks : what do u think of Barganani, bellinelli and Danilo ?
      Kobe : I hope everyone back home in Italy are watching they are very special players and very brave players
      Let's not forget that when he was on Kimmel's show he said Adam Morrison was a special player. I think Arse is right - he knows his audience, and is giving them what they want to hear.


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        James Ballswin (Realizar) wrote: View Post
        Kobe wouldn't have anything to gain from ending his pro career playing it Italy. And why would he risk tarnishing his legacy? There's absolutely no benefit for him to put himself in a situation where he could be regularly outplayed by an inferior class of players, or get humiliatingly embarrassed by coach with an opposing agenda.

        Superstars like Kobe won't make the same mistake Jordan made. And I don't think a superstar like Kobe will raise the bar on legacy-tarnishing mistakes.
        I don't think Kobe would be "regularly outplayed" if he played in Europe at 40 yrs old or so. It's not such an up and down, athletic game over there as it is in the NBA. The thing about Jordan is that he tried to come back to play in the NBA (I'm talking about when he played for the Wizards, not the Bulls of course ). If he came back to play in Europe instead of with the Wizards he would've been fine.


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          There are friends and then there are "special friends",


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            remember that seinfeld episode when the gang went out to the hamptons to 'see the baby?' it was the 'shrinkage' episode, i think.

            remember how the doctor paid the exact same compliment to the ugly-ass baby as he did to elaine?
            TRUE LOVE - Sometimes you know it the instant you see it across the bar.


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              Maybe Kobe thinks they are good. I mean, Marco had a really good game against LA last season and maybe that's the only time Kobe saw him play. Bargs also has had some decent games in LA. I mean, I doubt Kobe regularly takes the time to watch the Raps play.
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