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    Calderon or jack isn't the raptors problem.i would keep both guards this season and see how both of them play together. if it doesn't work. i would trade one of them by the all-star break.Turk needs to go hands down.


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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      At some point you need to stop playing poker and start living up to promises. Jack fits what Colangelo is preaching. He needs to stay.
      You think now is the time that Colangelo has to bet his hand? I think that time came and went. It's rebuilding time, now. Over the next couple of years, he has to acquire the right pieces. While I like Jack, was thrilled about the signing and defended him when he wasn't playing well, he's currently a luxury and not really the type of PG you want leading a rebuilding team. If he can help facilitate a deal that would help the team long term, you have to do it. If the team was farther along on the rebuilding path, I'd definitely say keep him, and if nothing worthwhile presents itself, I'd certainly have no problem keeping him, but the fact is that he's currently probably more valuable in a trade than to the team itself. And he's never really taken losing well, so if you can move him to a contender, for example, you'd be helping everyone.

      Brasky wrote: View Post
      Calderon can't really be called a playmaker to begin with, though. He's a more of a low risk facilitator if anything. I think you really want to be able to get out and run some more with the young gunz too, which Jose has shown little desire or ability to do.

      I think he has to be the first to go, especially if the team intends to instill a new culture focusing on defense, and you really can't do that when your veteran leader is also the team's most unwilling defender.
      Whatever Calderon's style of play, whether you want to call him a playmaker or facilitator, everyone played better when Calderon was on the floor. That says something. Calderon knows how to run an offense, knows where to get people the ball and is a very good passer. And Calderon certainly can get out and run and did quite a bit this season. He didn't do it much in the past because he didn't have the players he trusted. Calderon is safe, but it doesn't mean he won't push the ball. He just won't do it if he doesn't trust his teammates.

      geebee wrote: View Post
      After watching Calderon this season, I can't help thinking that his horrible defense probably costs the team as many points or more than his playmaking ability makes up for.

      I'd rather keep the good relationship of Jack, Demar and Weems together to strengthen the locker room than Calderon. Based on what I've seen, NONE of the Europeans have gelled with the rest of the team.

      Keep Turk as point forward, whose stock could rise with a good season. Trade Calderon, who doesn't appear to have much else to offer.... and allow those young American players to continue to build a strong, cohesive core.
      Well, statistics say Calderon being on the floor was better for the team than him being off, and subjectively, that was my view, as well. For the most part, when the guy came on the floor, the whole team played better. His defense did hurt the team, but that's like pointing to one hole in the bottom of a boat when there are dozens of them.

      And Calderon certainly had a great relationship with Amir, Weems and DeRozan on the court. All three of them played better when Calderon was on the floor.
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