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Should the Raptors Pursue David Lee?

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  • Should the Raptors Pursue David Lee?

    should the raptors go after David Lee ?

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    i would definitely consider it especially if reggie gets traded i mean sure were all high on amir and soon to be davis. but, they aren't starting caliber yet and we need a guy who can be our starter pf night in night out.

    definitely, give lee a look. i think if we let bosh walk we could sign lee with that cap space.
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      I don't see why the Knicks wouldn't want to keep him, even if they manage to sign Bosh, they'll still need another big and Lee fits the bill. I don't buy that you have to have a true C and true PF on a team, I think a combo of Lee and Bosh could work, although defensively (not rebounding) they would have some issues.


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        No, we should not. He is about as useful on D as Bargs and a combo of the two would give us the worst D in the history of the league. Lee is actually on my list of players I never want to see on the Raps.
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          Yeah dont want to see any players who played for the knicks last season on the raptors. There all losers Lee included. I think i speak for a lot of raptors fans when i say were through with all this finesse garbage from PFs and centers leave that to the guards and wings and do what ur supposed to do rebound, block shots and defend.


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            rigdig wrote: View Post
            should the raptors go after David Lee ?
            Only if we trade Andrea Bargnani for a strong, defensive centre (like Bogut - but won't happen)


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              Definitely not.


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                Isn't this horse lying in a ditch somewhere with beat marks all over it?

                No, no matter if the Raptors trade Bargnani or not, the Raptors need to be done with big men who play poor defense. No Lee, Boozer, Amare or any other big man who is not, at the very least, above average defensively. Let Ed Davis be the new touchstone for big men in Toronto. Rebounding and defense first.
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                  Not to be cruel, but if we were a lottery team last year, how would we be better with Chris Bosh-lite?

                  I'd rather build the team in a new direction and see what Davis can do for us, rather than simply plugging a lesser player into a system that failed.