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  • Apollo Getting Anxious

    After all these months... Just 24 hrs left..... Wow. I'm getting anxious.
    Like... A... Trip... To... The... Dentist... I... Just... Can't... Wait... To... Get... This... Over... With... Now..
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    Seriously though, am I the only one who's had their excitement about free agency replaced with grief? I mean Bosh is gone and all the places he seems to be leaning towards don't need to S&T to land him. Hedo wants out but no telling if they can get a fair deal for him... Dear God... He may be here next season. The Raptors need help at every position in some way. Colangelo has done nothing in the past the make us feel confident that he's capable of handling such delicate situations and is likely to pull a high risk move again in a bang or bust play to save his own ass; if it fails he doesn't have to worry about fixing it after all. So Raptors fans, how do you feel about everything the day before the circus arrives? Are you in high or low spirit? Are you excited, anxious, depressed ( ) , or something else?
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    Excited, I am not sad that Bosh is leaving, I expected it....I just wanted to hear it from his mouth a while ago instead of stringing along like he was still undecided, the only person who is truly undecided is Lebron and thats because we all know the State of Ohio needs him.....

    Otherwise, I'm excited for the FA frenzy here is why:

    1. A dynasty could be made with the super-star "big 3" what this means to the NBA will be if a team can dominate the league with probably a crappy bench (judging by the amount of $ a team would spend for the 3 guys).

    2. The re-birth of the east, things are going to get really competitive but at the same time one of these teams (Miami, Chicago, Bulls, Knicks) will be the #1 team and then all of a sudden other franchises which have had history in the past of being contenders will fall in the ranking, and I believe we will start to see a new era of re-builds similar to OKC and Portland

    3. I think everyone keeps talking about the big 3 signings, but what I want to see is what the lakers are going to do to try and add more of the other mid-level FA's to their roster. The Lakers are going to be quiet, but I beileve they will make a big shake up because Kobe knows if he wants that three-peat he has to be able to compete with this new super-team


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      I am.... waiting.

      Last year, I allowed myself to get swept up in all the talk about BC's many moves and the potential for success it offered the team. In the end, the only pleasant surprise I got was watching Bosh put his newfound size and strength to good use, turning in a great performance for most of the season.

      This year, I'm not getting sucked in. I knew that our 2010-2011 season would rest on the trades BC made after the 1st, but there are so many possibilities and variables to consider that it seemed pointless to me to worry about all of them.

      I'll follow events in the press, but I'm not about to start pitching a hissy until all the moves are done and we can see what kind of team we have. I really don't understand why everyone is tearing their hair out about Bosh. We tried to keep him but we failed. It's out of our hands now. Stressing about it is a waste of energy.


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        I've heard way too much about it for way too long, I'm kind of numb to it right now. Though I am looking forward to hearing some concrete, actual news based on facts...not sources and speculation.
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          I'm dreading it actually.

          Awaiting BC's next blunder and 'positive spin' on it.

          Hopefully Tannenbaum will make him rebuild and not try and swing for the fences.

          One thing I am anxious is for the season to start so that once Bosh has moved and the losing (most likely) starts up, then hopefully the anger and criticism will be focused on the appropriate culprits and we can look forward to a high draft pick and maybe some management upheaval.


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            I'm pretty excited. I don't why there is so much doom and gloom around the franchise. The raps should be fine next year as long BC can find a point guard. A couple teams might be stacked, but the rest of the league is going to be in shambles.

            You guys think people are angry at Bosh now? Just wait for his first press conference when he starts getting misquoted about his time here and when the truth about his mysteriously lackluster performance post all star game is revealed. The media is setting him up as the fall guy and I don't think BC is going to take this bullet for him.

            I honestly think barring a starting line up that includes Jose, Turk and Bargs the raps will win more games than last year and make the playoffs.


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              i want bosh gone, i want turkoglu gone,i want jose gone.

              it's kind of like hoarders we've got to clean up all the shit(minus all the dead cats) before you can buy new shit.

              honestly, i think i could be a better gm then bryan. although, he's prolly got a million voices in his head telling him to do every which what thing.

              tough job.
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                I'm pretty sure 12:00am will be the end of civilization as we know it. Or is it the start? I can't remember.
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                  Im pretty excited to see what we get in return for Bosh
                  Im happy and excited to see Turk leave (hopefully)

                  And im anxious to see what this roster looks like in a few weeks
                  i think mid-July we'll know if we are rebuilding or not


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                    I am totally excited. I believe the challenges that Toronto, an non-US franchise in the NBA faces are much bigger than what the majority of fans understand, both in attracting players as well as coaches and front office talent. IMO, we owe a great debt to Wayne Emery, without whom, we may not have been able to acquire Colangelo. We have never had a GM like BC before, one who has insider relationships with every other front office executive in the league, and within the league itself, who has the skills and connections to make things happen. Fans have to face the fact that they can't compare Toronto to the elite teams in the league, even if, as fans, that is hard for them to accept. Toronto is not LA, it is not Boston, heck, it's not even Detroit or Miami. It's a city with almost no basketball history, in a different freaking country. It will take some time, it will take an active and connected executive, and will take a unique vision of a Canadian Basketball tradition. We will never be LA, but they will never be Toronto. International basketball is developing by leaps and bounds, Toronto can be the premier destination for International basketball talent, if we have the patience and vision to develop relationships to make this happen, relationships with international players, as well as their agents and leagues. BC is doing that. On top of that, Toronto is growing in visibility in the US, our disadvantage with regard to American-born players will diminish, (but never vanish) and as a fan, I'm exited to see how our crop of "Young Guns" will develop All of this is more than enough to keep me interested. If all you care about is winning a championship next year, then perhaps the Raptors are not the team for you, try the Lakers, or the next super team if that's the story you want to follow. To me, the Toronto story is a much more interesting one.