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Trade Exemptions + Luxury Tax Teams

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  • Trade Exemptions + Luxury Tax Teams

    So here's a thought. Given that the most likely suitors for Bosh each have the cap space to sign him outright, the return in a sign-and-trade is likely to be a mix of young players, a few picks and a big trade exemption.

    For example, if Bosh goes to Miami for Beasley and Chalmers, it would also see Toronto net a $10 million (approximately based on anticipated salaries) TE.

    So with that TE on balance sheet, what might the Raptors be able to convert it into - especially in light of the presence of certain teams, such as the Hornets, who would be looking for immediate luxury tax relief.

    Does Bosh signing with a cap-friendly team thus net the Raptors Okafor and Collison? What other luxury tax teams could the Raptors target?

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    i think it's trade exceptions not excemptions
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      If the Hornets want to keep Paul they're not going to make a move just for cap relief. Sounds like they want to keep Paul. To do that they must keep him happy.


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        we give them a trade exepction for okafor and collison
        ya dun noe


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          How about a trade exception to New Orleans instead for Collison and Posey(A defensive SF, we really need assuming Turkoglu is gone). Another option for the SF spot is Rudy gay if BC can offer the guy a deal. If Rudy agrees(the guy is young, 23 years and is not really thinking of winning now, he just wants to maximize his salary), then an Okafor(real center) and Collison(PG of the future) deal should be done. Add Sonny Weems at the 2 and Bargnani(BC's guy has to play and start) at the 4. How about that?