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ESPN Analysts Chime In: Where Will Chris Bosh Sign?

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  • ESPN Analysts Chime In: Where Will Chris Bosh Sign?

    Well if today's rumours are true, Ford appears to be the only one who knows what they're talking about.

    Where will Chris Bosh sign?

    Abbott: Chicago Bulls. The real answer to this question is "wherever LeBron goes." More likely than 50-50? No.

    Adande: Chicago Bulls. If he can get paid and play with LeBron it would be ideal, but this is his chance to make huge dollars, so it's not odds-on that he winds up alongside another star. More likely than 50-50? No.

    Arnovitz: Chicago Bulls. They can offer Bosh the max, his natural position alongside a defensive-minded center, and the opportunity to play with a perimeter superstar. More likely than 50-50? Yes.

    Coon: New York Knicks. Bosh is the hardest call of the bunch -- the Raptors are open to a sign-and-trade, which puts the entire league in play. More likely than 50-50? No.

    Ford: Miami Heat. Bosh has so many options, but I think it's likely he pairs with either Wade or Bron. More likely than 50-50? No.

    Hollinger: Not even sure who to make the favorite; I'll say Chicago. More likely than 50-50? Nowhere close to 50-50, obviously.

    Sheridan: New York. He wants to go where LeBron is going, so my answer here has to match my LBJ answer above. More likely than 50-50? No.
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    I'm guessing that they're not all buying into Lebatard's proclaimation?

    Seven predictions... three different teams...

    Seriously Doc, are you posting all this stuff just to mess with people?


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      Doc's feeding fuel to the bears...

      Two beer away from being two beers away.


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        geebee wrote: View Post
        Seriously Doc, are you posting all this stuff just to mess with people?
        Hey, if I have to suffer, so do you guys.


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          It is likely Chicago that Bosh is going to and I see LeBron going there too. In conclusion, we are going to see two new "dynasties" duke it up for a chance to play against the Lakers:-
          1. Miami with Wade/Stoudemire/Joe Johnson/Brendan Haywood or Jermaine O'neal and veterans for veteran minimums to round out roster.
          2. Chicago with Bosh/LeBron/Reddick or Ray Allen/Rose/Noah and veterans for veteran minimum.
          Likely , third dynasty - Nets:-
          3. New Jersey with Boozer/Gay/Brook Lopez/Harris or Anthony Parker and veteran additions.

          New york loses big in free agency(forced to resign David Lee?) and gets Anthony Parker and unknown third tier free agent and other additions.
          Cleveland loses, LeBron leaves.
          Toronto loses, we already know that.


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            My guess is that LJ finds it immensely difficult to leave the Cavs for all that it means (economy of the area and personal demigod status mostly). He will sign a 2-3 year contract and give the org. one more opportunity to put a team together and possibly bring one of the PF f/a's with him). He can at the end of 3 yrs or 2 choose any of the current teams trying to put a good team together (Nets will in Brooklyn by then) giving him more of a matured choice.

            This will throw all else into flux. Miami is in a precarious position and does not have much of a team signed up and banking on the f/a signings exclusively (like NYK). Bosh could go to the Bulls (which from a bb viewpoint is the best place for him imo). Wade could see this and maybe consider the Mavs or Houston.

            If Bosh doesnt go to the Bulls or Houston (absent all 3 of the biggies sign in Miami..this being an historic happening), I for one will consider him a hypocrite regarding his oft stated position that he wanted to be looked at as the man in a winning environment.