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ESPN: Raptors Making a List of S&T Teams, Not Using Bosh's List

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  • ESPN: Raptors Making a List of S&T Teams, Not Using Bosh's List

    Near the end of the regular season I was told once the Toronto Raptors abandoned hope of re-signing Chris Bosh they would ask him where he wanted to go and then seek out sign-and-trade possibilities with those teams. Last week I was told of a different script, one that involved the Raptors seeking out the best deals on their own, then giving Bosh a list of teams he could go to if he wanted to sign-and-trade to get the most money. The Raptors list might look very different from Bosh's list. Once again, it's going to come down to a choice between money or legacy.

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    Ha, I'm writing a post for my blog about this very thing. I am of two minds about it.
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      That list is only a list of teams that the BC is talking to. There is no guarantee that he can come up with a S&T with any of those teams, yet alone a team that is on Bosh's list.

      Looking a little more like Bosh may do what I have suggested all along and that is just walk. We shall see.
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        Yeah, I could see that might happen, too. THAT's what might determine a possible "BOO!!" frenzy if he comes back to Toronto on another team to play us. To just walk, after this franchise made you a better player. I can still remember that first 3-ball he took when VC passed it to him in the right corner, years ago. He took it and made it. THAT's when I think things changed for Bosh. When he took it and made it, the crowd went nuts. And I saw his confidence grow a little from that sequence. I dunno why, but that sticks out for me, alot. It showed our trust in him large, to take a shot like that in crunch time.
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          He's not going to just walk, because he could only do so to a team with cap space, in which case Toronto could at least S&T to create a trade exception and he still gets the max max. No way he signs with a team that wont give him year 6 with the CBA renegotiation coming up. A trade exception allows us to basically get any free agents, of the many on the market, that are willing to sign with us, by way of a S&T with the orginal team.


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            It's an interesting theory, and I would certainly be curious to find out how/if it affects Bosh's decision-making process with regard to choosing a new team.

            However, without finding out who those teams are and what S&T deals the Raps are after, saying that BC has a list is irrelevent. On its own, simply hearing that BC would prefer to deal with certain teams is hardly a revelation.