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    Sounds like that writer doesn't like BC that much lol but its not all his fault. He put together 9 new players last year including swinging a deal that included assets from the Miami trade to net us Hedo. Remember how stoked this city was and Bosh when we got Hedo fresh off the finals? This guy seems to not remember but ah well Hedo was a bust and the poor performance this year was all on the players and maybe Triano for bad defense. If the moves proved succesful last year and we made the playoffs, maybe even some second round action Bosh might not have been tweeting his ass off ten minutes before midnight. I guess my point is I dont think its BC's fault at all that Bosh is leaving, its just how the situation played out in the end.


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      Let`s face it, Bosh is leaving so he can get VIP treatment wherever he goes, not because he actually cares about being THE MAN or even winning a championship. If you`re playing for the Raptors, you will always be relatively unknown.

      Colangelo made some mistakes, but its not entirely his fault that Bosh is leaving.


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        As angry as I am with some of the BC moves, I still think he is ver savvy in these kind of transactions. Quite frankly I wouldn't want any other GM handling the situation right now. It is still too early to start with the blame game lets see how this unfolds before we pass judgment.

        In all of his recent interviews he would mention we are "preparing for multiple scenarios" lets see how prepared he is.


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          The premise of the article is flawed. It states that by trading Miami Jermaine O'Neal, it allowed Miami to sign Bosh. Unfortunately Miami would have had plenty of cap room with or without the trade for O'Neal. I find it incredibly annoying that a legitimate news source can't seem to do basic research before publishing.
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            The Sun is not a legitimate news source.


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              Soooo.... if the Raps make the playoffs, Miami gets our first round pick in 2011?

              That's the motherload of freakin' "IF"s.

              I doubt very much that scenario is keeping BC up nights.