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Chad Ford: Rockets Could Offer Raptors This Package

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  • Chad Ford: Rockets Could Offer Raptors This Package

    "chadfordinsider "

    Rockets could offer Raps Aaron Brooks, Jordan Hill & expiring contracts of J Jeffries & Anderson in a sign-&-trade


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    In my mind Scola needs to be included in a deal with the Rockets.


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      Ummmm, no disrespect but the article you've quoted states pretty clearly that Houston is not a front-runner to get Bosh, so you're thread title is a little misleading.

      He met them. That's it. I'm sure he's meeting with lots of teams.


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        Chad Ford: Rockets Could Offer Raptors This Package

        Is ISN'T an actual rumour, but more of a scenario that Chad Ford from ESPN came up with if the Rockets are in the running for Bosh.

        To land Bosh, the Rockets would have to work a sign-and-trade with the Raptors. The team could offer a players like Jordan Hill, Aaron Brooks and the expiring contracts of Jared Jeffries and David Andersen for Bosh. The also have restricted free agent Luis Scola that they could offer in a sign-and-trade. The Rockets also have the right to swap picks w/Knicks in 2011 and own a protected Knicks pick in 2012. In other words, they have a ton of assets

        The Rockets, at this point, remain a long shot to get Bosh. Several sources believe that the Heat are in the lead to sign Bosh.
        Source - Click here


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          Aaron Brook, lets all make a silent prayer. He is A1 of the point guards the raptors need on thier team.