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  • Watching the Madness Unfold

    I noted on Smith's blog this morning that Bosh has apparently already met with Houston, Miami, Chicago and Toronto. Of those four teams, I can't find ANYONE who believes that Bosh is even remotely considering either Houston or Toronto.

    That got me to thinking.

    Everyone was excited about the arrival of July 1st when, presumably, all the free agent signings would begin... but now I'm really beginning to doubt that. Is it just me or is there anyone else getting the idea that Bosh and LeBron are really REALLY enjoying milking all this press coverage?

    Given that Bosh has made it clear repeatedly that he loves being the centre of attention and getting fawned over, is there really anything better to him than sitting like a king on his throne as one potential suitor after another run up to kiss his feet and beg for his services?

    I don't know where Bosh is going to end up, but I really don't believe he's in any hurry to sign anywhere until he's sure all the begging is over. He must be in heaven right now.

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    Brand Management.

    No one is mentioning Kobe's name nowadays though he is da man of 09-10 season. So do Pierce, Garnet, Rivers...Their names suddenly disappeared from front pages.

    All about Bron, Wade and Bosh. About 6-10 various franchises are calling their names and dreaming about how their team would be if they manage to add from 1 to 3 of them. Thats a huge marketing success from this trio.. All media, all Internet society almost whole world is reading, writing about them. Go and make simple empathy from their sponsors pov. I bet this scenario/comedy will continue longer than it supposed to be.


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      I think most, if not all, people would love that. You work hard for years and it's a little proof that it has paid off.

      I think Bosh has been milking it the most by far. Lebron has M.I.A. for a while now. Though he doesn't need to do a thing.
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        i haven't heard a ton about wade but i'm sure hes garnering just as much attention.
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          LBF wrote: View Post
          i haven't heard a ton about wade but i'm sure hes garnering just as much attention.
          I think Wade's expressed intent to stay in Miami has turned him more into a beggER than a beggEE.

          Normally, I'd find Bosh's obvious love of the spotlight to be offensive, but in this case it works in our favour. The way he seems to want teams to come crawling on their hands and knees, I think he's pretty much expecting to get every penny he can. I've seen a couple members of the media suggesting Bosh might take less than the max, but given his behaviour I'd say his ego's too big to accept less... which certainly helps the Raptors in terms of S&T leverage.

          The greedier Bosh is, the greedier BC can be.