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Four Free Agents Who Might Be a Good Fit Here

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  • Four Free Agents Who Might Be a Good Fit Here

    This according to Doug Smith this morning:

    Matt BarnesRonnie BrewerLuke RidnourShannon Brown
    Source - Click here

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    I would be fine with Barnes and Brewer
    dont really see the point of Brown and Ridnour


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      I think we should have gone after Barnes instead of Hedo last summer. He is Shawn Marion light (or an older Trevor Ariza) and we needed rebounding from the 3 (since we don't have it at the 5). Don't see why Barnes would sign with a rebuilding team though. Bet he gets a few offers from contenders.


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        Smith doesn’t like to gush about players, especially free agents because he is well aware that it tends to cost him on the free-agent market. Smith likes the toughness and grit that Barnes brings to the table, and he certainly values the veteran small forward. But Barnes struggled mightily against Paul Pierce in the Eastern Conference Finals and Smith likely won’t be willing to give Barnes to multi-year deal that he is seeking.

        Barnes wisely hitched his wagon to Howard this season, befriending the superstar center and serving somewhat as he personal protector on the court. Barnes is a leader in the locker room, has the respect of his teammates and certainly brings great value to the Magic.

        But I just hope he doesn’t price himself out of Orlando with his demand for $5 million a season and multiple years on a contract. If he holds firm to that, he could be playing elsewhere next season. As for the Magic’s grand plan for the summer … well, read on.


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          All those names are useful NBA players but for the right price, and If any of them wants 4 million dollars or more plus a long term deal then they aren't worth it.


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            i know he's prolly a bench warmer but i kind of like rob kurz.
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              I agree with Barnes and Brewer. Not so much with Brown. I the Raps trade one of their PGs, signing Ridnour on the cheap isn't the worst thing they could do.

              Gotta find cheap athletic character guys who can rebound and defend. Guys who meet that definition to me are (in addition to Barnes and Brewer):

              Chuck Hayes
              Joel Pryzbilla

              I also wouldn't mind Brian Skinner or Kurt Thomas to play the Rasho role off the bench. And of course, if Ryan Gomes gets released, he should be on the list.


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                Dorrell Wright SF from Miami young. athletic and just what the raps want right now.
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                Herm Edwards


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                  I'd really like to see Brewer here. As much as another wing isn't a huge need, he's a really nice defender. If they can somehow get Turk out of town he's a guy I'd absolutely target.
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                    Shannon Brown will struggle as a point guard outside of the Triangle offense. Not interested in him.

                    Matt Barnes is an overrated player. I don't know why he has a rep as a defensive player, he always looks vulnerable defensively to me, too slow to defend wings and too short to defend bigs. No interest there either.

                    No interest in Ronnie Brewer either. No point in spending the MLE on a limited two guard when you have a bright prospect at the position already. Better off developing DeMar DeRozan.

                    Small interest in Luke Ridnour. He would be a fine replacement for Jarrett Jack (if traded). Basically a repeat of last year's point guard combination.