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Abbott: Turkoglu & Raptors Making Amends

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    [Hedo and Raptors management]
    I watched it 5 min ago, I don't know who translated this but hedo was addressing Orlando on above quote not Toronto while he is mentioning mistakes.


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      NO!!! They only hedo new that I wanna hear is when he is acquired by another team! No Hedo No!


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        You know what ppl?

        If you boo the hell out of Turk in the ACC and you piss him off, he actually plays better!!!

        Remember that game that made him say "Ball"? He still remembered our boos from a last game and he took out his anger on the Knicks all by himself (although the Knicks can't defend anything and made him look good).

        A good ol' saying from tonious35: "The one who must pay amends usually brings back in double or triple the amount expected from before, but if they don't... God will find some way and means to take him out"


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          I think Hedo coming back could be great if he actually shows up. Him and Amir or Bargs could be a pick and roll/pop nightmare if Hedo comes into the season in good shape and ready to play. I'll not be upset at all if Hedo is back in Raptor red next season.
          "Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."