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Do You Think Amir Will Start for the Raptors Next Season? Why or Why Not?

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    honestly think we should have waited till after the bosh situation was resolved before we negotiated with amir because if we end up with taj gibson then this was a dumb signing even though I still think amir is a bit better right now and younger gibson comes at a much lower price for close to the same production
    Yes that would have been logical but agents have a way of tightening the screws and threatening to sign somewhere else (even with phantom offerings elsewhere). BC probably felt he had to make a descision. AJ was an unrestricted fa.


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      I find it rather interesting how some "fans" complain that teams don't spend enough money to do whatever it takes to win. How come people complain about Johnson's money as if it came from their own pockets? If you understand the word "parity," one would realize that the Johnson's signing is standard by all NBA measures. I mean, BC would've loved to sign him for 5 Mil per but his buddy Hammond was so busy signing guys like Gooden for 32 Mil for 5 years!

      Relax people, he has earned the right to start and it's not by default either. He's a good kid who now has a chance to fight for, and maintain a starting spot. The money he got wasn't just for upside and potential but for his hunger to stay a starter. His concern at the moment - not scoring, but staying out of foul trouble.

      Lastly, I cannot figure out how people find fault in BC's attempt to find a true center. Hello, "true centers" are rare or are currently under contract from other teams. Why are people's insistence that Bargs sliding to the 4 position will somehow "force" him to be in the paint, down and dirty, rebounding and fighting for put-backs. You can change the title but you can never change the man's game. He'll be a "4" camped out in Pluto for a chance to launch his 39% 3-pointers. Oh, speaking of a true center, Gortat earned 7 Mil to be Dwight Howard's punching bag during practice and his towel man during games. That's money well spent on a "true center".
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