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Fan Speculation: Nash to Raptors?

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  • Fan Speculation: Nash to Raptors?

    i joined the espn daily dime chat today and asked about the chances of nash landing in torontoand chad ford said theres a high possibility of it.
    Looks like captain canada is coming north of the border

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      whats so bad about nash? hes the best pg in the nba


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        What did he actually say?


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          I have nothing against Nash, but your arrival to the conclusion that Nash is coming to Toronto is yawn.


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            I've edited the title of this thread, because like Quixotic just stated you've seen to have drawn your own conclusion here.


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              I checked the chat. I see no reference to this. Don't make up news. Don't post news without a source. Closed.

              Nash references in the chat:
              If Nash has a broken nose, he needs to tag Dirk and Manu needs to tag Fisher, so everyone can get even. #dontgetmad
              Updated story on Dirk's Thursday travels, which included brief visit while in NYC w/old friend Steve Nash
              Chad Ford, ESPN Insider:
              About that. I don't think there's one area where he's an upgrade over Amare. To make matters worse, the Suns are going to have to renounce Amare in order sign Warrick. They have to get far enough under the cap to afford both Frye and Warrick. So, not only is Amare gone ... but they'll be giving up a chance to get something of value back in return for him. Not a great day in Phoenix. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop with Steve Nash. I don't know how he looks at this team and feels they're still committed to winning a championship.
              J. A. Adande:
              Teams trading Nash or CP3 would be looking for real players back, not just making a salary dump as Bulls and Heat did to clear cap space. So Knicks wouldn't be appealing trade partners
              Yet they overcame Westbrook/Williams/Nash/Rondo. RT @stevewarmerdam: Prob is really defense. But Fisher can't guard anyone anymore anyway.
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