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Bosh Meets Bulls... With Wade?

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  • Bosh Meets Bulls... With Wade?

    Chicago's next. This is the last of the day.
    Source: Chris Bosh On Twitter

    CSN has confirmed that Wade and Bosh are both currently at Henry Thomas' office with #Bulls management
    We know that Bulls had a 5pm meeting with Wade, that Bosh arrived approx 630 with Wade still there, Bosh left approx 715 to....
    likely have a meeting with at the United Center with Bulls
    Wade left Thomas office at approx 730pm CST, Bosh's car (with we assume Bosh inside) is now at the UC #Bulls #Freeagency
    #Bosh just leaving the United Center after meeting with the #Bulls
    #Bosh was there approx 2 hours
    #Bosh left the UC and had a conversation with Forman, Thibodau, and Paxson next to the Jordan statue. Video on soon... #Bulls
    #Bosh did not speak to the media after leaving, though we can expect a @chrisbosh tweet soon
    Source: Chicago Tribune On Twitter

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    The Bulls and Wade met for a second time on Friday and talked deeper about what it would take to sway Wade back to his hometown. Chris Bosh(notes) joined Wade and the Bulls for part of the meeting in the office of agent Henry Thomas, who represents both players. There are scenarios where the Bulls could try to work an arrangement for all three players to join them – presumably engineering a sign-and-trade with Toronto for Bosh – but the most likely partnership would come with Wade and James or Wade and Bosh.
    Source: Yahoo Sports


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      i think if the bulls get wade and our required to do a s&T with toronto to get bosh we will be in a such strong position because we could demand joakim noah and i think chicago will have to give up joakim
      ya dun noe