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After All This, Could Bosh Actually Remain a Raptor?

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    I'll be a bitter, bitter fan if I have to cheer for CB again next year.

    I admit I don't follow Joe Johnson or Rudy Gay like I do CB, but I doubt fans of the Hawks and Grizzlies have the feeling that the entire reason your player came back is for the cash.

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  • Doc
    started a topic After All This, Could Bosh Actually Remain a Raptor?

    After All This, Could Bosh Actually Remain a Raptor?

    This from Ken Berger from CBS Sports:

    Welcome to the Summer of 2010, where hurry up and wait is the motto.

    Wade and Bosh finished their pitch sessions Friday night, when both met with the Bulls. Saturday was the main event, with the Bulls and hometown Cavs having an audience with LeBron amid a surreal scene in downtown Cleveland. One of the executives involved in the recruiting process over the past few days described it this way: Now is when the emotion of the process and the glitz of the presentations fade and reality sets in. Reality, and the known vs. the unknown. And the executive came away with the distinct impression that Wade is staying in Miami, LeBron is staying in Cleveland, and Bosh -- left out to dry in such a scenario -- would then be far more interested in the extra $25-$30 million the Raptors can offer him than he's been for the past 72 hours.

    "All these guys know where they're going to go," a person with close ties to one of the players involved in the process said. "This whole thing has just been a spectacle."
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