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The Overreaction "If Bosh Leaves With Nothing in Return" Thread

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    Quixotic wrote: View Post
    Not much difference between losing 40 games a season and 50 games a season anyway. At least if we lose, let's lose the right way!

    Hope also does wonders.
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      Everyone needs to realize that all these free agents getting huge deals re Amare and Joe Johnson are by all historical accounts going to take next year off and watch thier portfolio sky rocket and team record plummet.

      Amare only started trying half way through the season in a contract year and then only after his name started floating in rumors for guys like JJ Hickson. Joe Johnson is a merc two years away from turning into Butler and losing most of his effectiveness. Pierce has more mileage on him in the last 3 years than anyone not named Kobe. Philly might be legit, but that team is the Golden State of the East, tons of talent, no direction.

      Next years team if anything is going to have good chemistry. I'm not sure if that's ever happened before. Everyone wanted to make the playoffs, get embarrassed by Bron and lose the draft pick, but now when a bright future doesn't hinge on failure everyone is hoping to hit the cellar. Mediocrity might not be all its cracked up to be, but losing is a culture and can be easily be ingrained in the psyche of its team and players.


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        yeah were not as bad as people think we are looking at our roster we seem to have a lot of above average bench players but only a few obvious starters a lot of teams in the eastern conference are doing a lot worse with their rosters than us


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          Sam wrote: View Post
          Quixotic said: "But yes, I cheered when they replaced JPR with AA and things are definitely looking brighter by the minute."

          We'll see how the rest of FA pans out but I suspect a similar change of management is necessary for the rebuilding to begin. Whatever other criticisms people make, it just feels like Colangelo is consistently a step behind developments. Too bad
          Yes, my only worry about BC is I don't think he has the mentality suited to a real rebuild. However, BC is a much better GM than JPR so I don't think getting someone new would necessarily be better either.


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            OzRapFan wrote: View Post
            Being shit but entertaining is better than having that same crappy feeling at the end of the year when they took a nose dive and missed the playoffs.

            ...or squeaking into the playoffs, getting wiped like the Bobcats and then losing the chance to draft Davis (pick would have gone to Miami).