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If We'd Made the Playoffs, Would Bosh Even of Stayed?

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  • If We'd Made the Playoffs, Would Bosh Even of Stayed?

    With the way Bosh has been acting (attention whore), I'm starting to doubt that he would have stayed in Toronto even if we went to the playoffs and went as far as the second round.


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    Is there really any way of knowing? As much as he craves attention, at the end of the day I'm sure he wants to be apart of a winner too. Attention wise, he he gets plenty of it here in Toronto as well Canada. I'm sure he'll go on and be successful down south, but I think he'll notice that his following might not be as strong as it was up here for him. I think he's underestimated the market here in Toronto.


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      Well he didn't sign yet with another team so there is still a chance....

      However based on how he conducted himself recently, I doubt he would have acted any different. Wade is a guy that his team made the playoffs and Lebron is a guy that his team went to the second round in the playoffs and I don't believe that either one would have acted differently even if they went a bit farther (or not far enough) unless they won the championship and they believed a dynasty could occur.


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        I don't think it matters whether the Raptors made the playoffs or not. That margin is so small it's fairly irrelevant.

        I think the Raps would have had to have had a good showing in the playoffs to convince Bosh to stay. To win a series and advance to the next round.


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          Bosh wasn't ever staying. He said he's been thinking about the free agency for 4 years so that tells you he had his bags packed. Lets be serious if Bosh ends up in Miami did Raptors have a chance. Hell NO! Miami has no one and I would have taken the raptors lineup over Miami any day of the week. Just goes to show you that Bosh wasted everyones time as he wasn't committed to winning from day one of his last contract. Can't wait untill Bosh is gone.