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Bosh and Bargnani, what's to come?

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    DD will be really good for us too. He is blossoming into a really good player game by game. Always driving and getting to the line. If he can hit that shot when depended upon he will be a really good player
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      I cant take credit for this...but someone made an astute statement about a week ago which questioned how having your starting point guard and centre be below average defenders can be acceptable if you have visions of being a consistently good team. Forget about Bosh ...Calderon and Bargnani cannot co-exist...and it has nothing to do with their chemistry. Given the choices, for myself Bargnani would need to go. I honestly nelieve BC gave Bargs the contract so he would not need to be compelled to show his offensive numbers anymore and that he would follow thru on the rebounding and blocking aspects of his position (which he showed capable of last season). I dont know what has happened but the plan seems not to have worked and he has regressed in areas more important to the team.


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        Its funny that without Bosh - that is, with a team of Turk, AB, Calderon, (Evans?) We would need no-one less than Dwayne Wade to make us any good. And even then AB would have to blossom into an all-star caliber player.
        That's assuming Bosh was lost for nothing - which hopefully doesn't happen.
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