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    Realist wrote: View Post
    How about you don't insult me, and capitalize my name like it's actually spelled.

    And I can't make a point without insulting uneducated fuck tards.
    Your on a roll huh bud? Hmm...where did I insult you?

    But I digress, I will not get sucked into your nonsense.

    Seeing as this is a CB4 appreciation thread...good luck CB, hope you get that ring your looking for.


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      Bosh is gonna be booed but he really doesnt need to be. its bs that we arent gonna get anything for him but thats not really his fault nor is it his fault we havent been winning. We are gonna look like a bunch of whiners if we do to him what we do to VC


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        Good luck Bosh, no hard feelings!
        "They're going to have to rename the whole conference after us: Toronto Raptors 2014-2015 Northern Conference Champions" ~ ezzbee Dec. 2014

        "I guess I got a little carried away there" ~ ezzbee Apr. 2015

        "We only have one rule on this team. What is that rule? E.L.E. That's right's, E.L.E, and what does E.L.E. stand for? EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY. Right there up on the wall, because this isn't just a basketball team, this is a lifestyle. ~ Jackie Moon


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          I feel very "meh" about this. I remember when the whole VC thing was going down, I had all kinds of venom for him. But CB4 leaving? It doesn't stir up much of an emotional response. I don't wish him well or wish him harm. He's gone and that's that. Didn't lead the Raptors to anything significant. A stat-machine who's not much of a winner. Mediocre defender, mediocre leader. He reminds me of Shareef Abdur Rahim. Miami is probably the right fit for him. Looking forward to next season without a sword over the collective team's heads though. Good luck Chris, I guess.
          "He's everywhere! Rebounds, assists... Shawn Bradley is looking like Hakeem Olajuwon!" - Bill Walton


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            I am very happy that Bosh will finally have some help.

            He was a good servant to the club for seven years. It's a shame the club wasn't as good to him (failure to put enough talent around him).


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              I wish Chris well enough. I'll be a little bitter if a S+T isn't worked out, but I can say I've enjoyed watching Raptors ball the last 7 years with Bosh at the helm. I'll make a point of being at the game when Miami comes to visit, and I'll make a point of respectfully cheering for him, but after that, he'll probably just fade into another player in the NBA...and of course I'll also be cheering for the Raps to pull an upset in that game (oh that'd be sweet).