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    mo-sales wrote: View Post

    What was the severity of the injury, did anyone find out? Could he have played with a mask, could he have played if the raptors made the playoffs. None of these questions were really asked or answered.
    That's true. He did basically go into hiding.
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      Apollo wrote: View Post
      Vince Carter demanded a trade and tanked games until he got his way. Chris Bosh honored his contract and left via free agency after meeting his contractual agreements in a strictly professional manner. While he didn't handle his free agency professionally, he wasn't a Raptor anymore. I don't think Bosh is worth booing. He never achieved anything here and had he stayed it probably would not have changed. By signing on with Wade he is signaling that he realizes the blatantly obvious as well, he's not a Champion level leader. If Raptors fans boo him it will be ridiculous. They aren't harming Bosh but they will certainly be harming their league perception.

      Bosh is closer to McGrady anyway.


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        wow i do dislike bosh now but not nearly as much as Vince. Plus Ed davis looks like the hard working type not the one who would bolt T.O for a few hoes and some money like bosh did. I will laugh so hard if Miami suck next year that would be a mouth full of karma for bosh. even more jokes would be if Toronto finished above Miami in the rankings
        ya dun noe


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          mo-sales wrote: View Post
          Roy came back from arthroscopic surgery after a week to play in round 1, Paul came back and played long after the Hornets had been eliminated from the playoffs, Kobe could get hit with a truck and play later that night. Bosh got his face smashed and abandoned the team.

          As the supposed leader and 'emotional center' isn't that fairly cowardly?

          What was the severity of the injury, did anyone find out? Could he have played with a mask, could he have played if the raptors made the playoffs. None of these questions were really asked or answered.
          Wow, this is the biggest bunch of revisionist history I've read in a while.

          I don't care about Kobe getting hit since it obviously wasn't the same injury. Actually, none of the "injuries" you mentioned are the same, and neither were their situations.

          Paul was out for almost 2 months, way after the Hornets's playoff chances had faded. If you were a Paul hater, you could just as easily turn your argument around to say Paul is not a leader. If he was, he would have come back before all that was left were meaningless games. Remember: almost two months.

          Roy was out for 12 days and came back in game 4 of round 1. Under your reasoning, he should have come back earlier, before the Blazers went 1-2 without him. He should have played better too after coming back.

          It's funny because you rag on Bosh by saying Roy came back for the playoffs, yet we didn't exactly make the playoffs so there is no comparison. Fact is, we lost every single game in the 6 days after he got injured. We even lost the one he was injured in. He would have had to come back after 5 days (in the game against Chicago) for it to have mattered. It's silly that we can't even afford him 6-9 days of injury time for a broken face and nose without coming up with conspiracy theories. Shame on you.

          mo-sales wrote: View Post
          I'm not saying he should have saddled up and played the next night, but he handled that as poorly as anyone could have imagined and clearly put his own self interests ahead of the team he was still playing for.
          Glad you don't even know the severity of his injury yourself, but you apparently know enough to conclude him sitting out was purely in his self-interest and not the team's, as if the doctors cleared him to play and he refused. Bravo.
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            I once waited in line for 3 hours to get Vince's autograph, and argued in my high school cafeteria that he was the most valuable player in the nba (maybe not the most talented but drew the biggest crowds thus most money thus most valuable) then we lost to the sixers and he was no longer half man half amazing, I kept his poster on my wall for the next year... after that i officially stopped being a raptors fan ( i didn't watch another game for 2 years) i took that poster off my wall ripped it up and set it on fire. If i had a signed poster of bosh, I'd keep it. Maybe even get it framed. CHRIS BOSH IS NO VINCE CARTER.
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