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Bosh and Wade had it planned it all along

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  • Bosh and Wade had it planned it all along

    Privately, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh weren’t pleased on Wednesday morning with the belief that James’ camp was responsible for leaking their plans to a television partner, but then again it makes perfect sense: This isn’t about Wade and Bosh choosing the Heat. It’s about LeBron getting the stage to himself on Thursday night.

    So Bosh and Wade had it planned all along. James is the biggest idiot of all though!;_yl...decision070710

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    attention.....seeking......whores......lebrons a women


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      As a fan, this is a black mark on the NBA (though it's not their fault - they just marketed the likes of James as gods). In any league of professional sports, no players gets to put on what these three clowns were able to put together over the past week. The Yankees have all the stars but Jeter, Texeira and yes, even A-Rod would never participate in this shit. Payton Manning will also be a free-agent soon (could be wrong here) and I doubt he'll go on ESPN to tell the world his decision.

      As a former Kobe-hater, I have grown to respect him as he silently extended his contract with the Lakers. The same goes for Pierce, Nowitzki and Durant who extended for 5 years and $86 million. I mean, it's the most quietest $86 million signing, thanks to the three stooges.

      I'm wondering what the other past greats feel about this (Jabbar, Magic, Bird, Jordan)? It's a shame. I for one will not watch LeBron's fiasco tomorrow. Stan Van Gundy's interview pretty much sums up what I think of this whole mess.
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        Rupaul will prove he is not worth the money he just signed for. Do you really think his proven track record of being soft will equate into a ring? D WADE will strip him of his skirt and heels if he blows ( no pun intended) this opportunity in Miami and send that Ladyboy packin.


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          Not sure where the "Wade and Bosh had it planned all along" idea comes from. Planned what, exactly? To sign in Miami together? The article doesn't even touch on this.
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            This whole FA agent season has been an absolute circus. In all my years of following ball, I don't recall anything even coming close to this. And it's not over yet.


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              It kind of makes you wonder how insecure these guys are. The fact that they felt they needed to go around an have their ego stroked by so many different teams makes them all seem a little insecure in their own self worth.

              I will be extremely interested to see how this rediculous press conference thingy goes tomorrow.

              As far as I am concerned Bosh has tarnished his image and Lebron will as well if he tucks tail and scampers down to Miami. Wade has improved his credibility as an alpha dog significantly, especially if he pulls Lebron to South Beach as well. With the Bulls signing Boozer though that should be Lebron's first choice.


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                I think they wasted a lot of people's time and Bosh tainted his reputation a little. The way he acted and the way he said he was looking for one thing and then ended up going in a different direction. He mistakenly portrayed himself as weak.


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                  Bank on Lebron staying in Cleveland.If he was leaving,there sure as hell wouldn't be an hour long special.Any idiot knows he will be looked upon as breaking the hearts of good ole Cleveland if he leaves, not good for the image, but STAYING in Cleveland, and saying no to the bigshot teams, well that's a nice warm and fuzzy All American story that warrents a 1 hour special, that he will milk and milk for 59 minutes