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    Very good point Gurkang and I agree but we need to be excited about this too. Maybe we'll see a few in game windmill jams leading up to all-star weekend?


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      Yea no doubt man. It is so awesome havingsomebody to cheer for on the Saturday events. Can't wait for those highlight reel jams you are talking about either :dancing:
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        Doc Naismith wrote: View Post
        I'm happy for him, but I won't get as excited as I did when I thought Moon was going to be the cat's meow. Talk about a huge disappointment and poor dunk selection on his behalf.

        But overall, that particular dunk competition was a joke. D12's "Superman" schtik was ridiculous mostly because he didn't even dunk the damn ball.

        Anyhow, the competition as a whole has been a huge disappointment since Vince won it. Hopefully DeMar can instill come excitement once again.
        Completely agree with the Dwight Howard comment. I mean it was NOT even a DUNK! And I'm also getting sick of the costumes, they're getting old. Using costumes once was creative, but copying everyone else is just lame.